Gender Affirming Care

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Your Journey With Us

We provide each of our patients with careful and holistic care. Your journey to becoming a patient with us will follow the steps below.

  1. Making an Appointment

Please call our Transcend Maui Hotline at (808) 872-4087 to make an intake appointment 

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  1. Prepare for your Intake Appointment

Kindly stop by our front desk at our main Wailuku clinic to sign a Release of Information (ROI), so our team will have access to your past medical records and prescriptions.

All information provided to us is held in strict confidence according to HIPAA standards. 

  1. Intake and Initial Assessment

You will meet with one of our psychologists, who will gather information about you and your goals for transition and/or treatment. Our psychologist will complete an assessment for issues such as gender dysphoria or individualized needs related to factors such as sexual health, chronic illness, and risk factors for poor health. We will address any necessary concerns related to mood, substance use, behavior, or social functioning that may interfere with your treatment goals. 

This assessment will help us to better understand and support your specific needs, identify concerns related to transitioning and treatment, and review important information prior to your full consent for treatment. 

This appointment will take approximately one hour and is not a determinant of receiving treatment. This intake process is completed solely for the purpose of learning how we can work together to provide and support your treatment. 

  1. Appointment with Medical Provider

You will be scheduled with a medical provider who will review your medical history, review your initial intake assessment and perform a physical exam. 

If you have never been prescribed hormones before, your medical provider will order baseline blood work for you to complete before your next appointment. 

  1. Follow-Up Appointment with Medical Provider

At this visit, your blood work will be reviewed, and your medical provider may initiate hormone therapy. Hormones are prescribed at the discretion of your provider and in consultation with you. 

Transcend Maui seeks to provide hormone prescriptions at safe initial doses in addition to safe increases in dosage. 

  1. Referral for Preventive Cancer Screenings

Our staff will provide you with screenings for breast, cervix, and colon cancers in a safe and gender-affirming space. 

  1. Referral to Dental Services

Oral health is a cornerstone of health and well-being in all people. Transcend Maui may refer you to our trans-competent dental team to help you maintain your oral health by developing the best care plan to address your unique needs. 

  1. Future Medical Visits

Your medical provider will continue to provide care for your transition as well as any chronic medical conditions. Follow-up will also be provided by our behavioral health providers to provide ongoing support for all aspects of your transition and/or treatment. 

  1. Patient Navigation

Our licensed clinical social worker will assist you in navigating services that make up your care plan (pharmacy, labs, specialist referrals, health insurance, etc.). 

If you believe you want to hurt yourself, please call Trans Lifeline (transgender suicide hotline) at 877-656-8860. If this is an urgent or life-threatening medical emergency, please dial 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.
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